Types of Kratom

The Different Types of Kratom Explained

Kratom is derived from the leaves from the kratom tree (Mitragyna Speciosa), which is found growing
naturally and cultivated in Thailand and other regions of Asia.
For generations, Asian cultures have used kratom to treat a wide range of health issues, from diarrhea and
upset stomach, to anxiety, pain and beyond. It’s now gaining favor among individuals in the Western
world (specially the maeng da kratom variety), where it’s used to treat chronic pain and opiate withdrawal symptoms. Kratom is not an opiate, but
it does have opiate-like properties, which make it popular among individuals who wish to wean and
reduce their usage of opiate drugs.

Kratom comes in a wide range of different varieties and it’s also available in a number of different forms,
which we’ll explore in today’s article.

Crushed Leaf Kratom
Firstly, there is crushed leaf kratom, which is among the most commonplace forms of kratom. As the name
suggests, crushed leaf kratom is comprised of all elements of the dried leaf, which are then crushed and
transformed into a tea-like form. Crushed leaf kratom includes the stems, veins, and leaf material. It’s
commonly used to brew a kratom tea or it may be ingested as part of a mix with apple sauce or pudding.
The crushed leaf kratom can also be placed into capsules.

Powdered Kratom
Powdered kratom is fairly similar to crushed leaf kratom, except it’s more finely ground and in most cases,
it tends to be a slight bit stronger because the stems and veins are removed before the grinding process
begins. The leaf contains the richest concentration of alkaloids, which are the substance that are responsible for
producing kratom’s effects. So powdered kratom tends to be richer than crushed leaf kratom by volume,
since the stems and veins are eliminated. Powdered kratom is commonly found in capsules.

Kratom Stems and Veins
Kratom stems and veins have about one-quarter of the alkaloid concentration compared to the leaf.
They’re removed while making powdered kratom, but since the stems and veins do contain alkaloids, they
are not thrown away and wasted. Instead, they’re sold as a milder, less concentrated form of kratom.

Kratom Extract
Kratom extract is precisely what the name suggests — a concentrated extract from kratom. This
concentrate is much richer than other varieties of kratom, which means that a smaller amount is required
to produce the desired effects. This makes kratom extract very popular for use in capsules, since a little
goes a long way.

Kratom Resin
Kratom resin is another highly concentrated form of kratom, but it comes in liquid form. The kratom resin
is manufactured by cooking the kratom leaves. The liquid is boiled off and evaporated until a very rich tarlike
resin remains. Kratom resin is extremely rich in alkaloids — even richer than kratom extract in most

Kratom Tincture
Kratom tincture is comprised of an alkaloid extract and/or highly concentrated kratom powder. The kratom
is dissolved in alcohol, allowing for sublingual use. This means the kratom tincture drops are placed
beneath the tongue and the alkaloids are absorbed through the tissues in the mouth. Kratom tincture is
quite strong in terms of its concentration and it can have a very intense effect.

Enhanced Kratom
Many kratom blends are marketed as enhanced kratom, although the term ‘enhanced’ varies among
manufacturers and therefore, there is no single uniform ‘enhanced’ kratom on the market. Some
enhanced kratoms feature a blend of powdered and crushed leaf kratom, allowing for a stronger blend. In
other cases, the kratom variety is simply a bit more potent, so it’s marketed as ‘enhanced.’

Kratom, like marijuana, is available in lots of different varieties, so there is some variation among the
different types, including:

Bali Kratom — Grown in Bali, it produces an energizing effect in small doses, with more of a sedative
effect reported at higher doses.

Thai Kratom — Grown in Thailand, Thai Kratom is known for its energizing effects.

Golden Kratom — Golden Kratom has a golden color and it’s regarded as a bit stronger than Bali. It’s said
to have a mellowing impact at low doses and a more sedative impact at higher dosages.

Green Indo Kratom — Indo Kratom is harvested in the Indo region. It’s said to deliver a unique blend of
energy, with a mellowing effect.

Cajun Kratom — Cajun Kratom is typically a blend of Bali kratom, with cayenne and ginger, among other

These are just a few of the many varieties of kratom that are available on the market.